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WSU Army ROTC Scholarships

National Army ROTC Scholarship

The National Army ROTC Scholarship program is run by the U.S. Army Cadet Command .The deadline to apply for a four-year national scholarship is January 10. You can find out more about the Army ROTC in general and apply for the four-year national scholarship at the Army ROTC Web site. Also, check with your high school guidance counselor for information about the Army ROTC scholarship. High school students can apply online for these scholarships at the Cadet Command web site above or request a paper version from our department. Students interested in attending Washington State University should indicate their preference on the application.

If you are not selected for a national scholarship, however, that is by no means the end of the road. The national scholarship program is very competitive. There is additional scholarship money-in total, more than in the national program-in the hands of Army ROTC departments at the various universities.

After January 10 you can compete for a Campus-Based Scholarship for freshman on the Washington State University campus.

For more information on National Scholarships check out the site for high school students .