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WSU Army ROTC Scholarships an Financial Incentives


The Army offers financial incentives to help pay for college. There are four basic routes to go through Army ROTC.

  1. Scholarship Route
  2. Simultaneous Membership Route through Army Reserves or Army National Guard.
  3. Green to Gold for currently serving Active Duty enlisted soldiers.
  4. Non-Scholarship Route where you receive no benefits from the Army.

Scholarship Route

The Scholarship route starts out with the National Scholarship Board Application process for high school students. The window for applying is mid-June to March of their senior year in high school. For those who did not apply on time or who were not selected the process switches over to the Campus Based Scholarship Route. College students can join ROTC and apply for the same Campus Based scholarship. See the scholarship tab for more information.

Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) Route

You can enlist as a private into the Army Reserves or the Army National Guard and simultaneously become a cadet in Army ROTC. This route provides cadets the opportunity to go to basic training and advance individual training to fully train up in the Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) or job that they select at the time of enlistment. This route gives cadets more training and preparation for both college and their career as a commissioned officer. There are many different options available through the SMP route such as Split Option or One-Stop-Unit-Training (OSUT) so check out the Simultaneous Membership Program tab below.

Green to Gold

Currently serving active duty enlisted soldiers can apply for the Green to Gold (G2G) program to leave their units to go to college, participate in ROTC and become officers. There are two options with G2G, the G2G scholarship or the G2G Active Duty Option (ADO). Generally speaking, soldiers with spouses and kids usually want the ADO option where they keep their salary and health benefits but have to pay for college. Single soldiers usually want to take the scholarship route to pay for college and forego their benefits. See the G2G Tab for more information.


Some cadets elect not to take any benefits from the Army and contract as cadets and compete for the commission that they desire. This route does provide contracted cadets with a monthly stipend of $420 per month for the duration of the school year. Many common reasons for this route are a better paying route such as having their parents Post-9-11 GI Bill transferred to them, the National Merit Scholarship and many other reasons.

Financial Package Comparisons

The different routes through Army ROTC all help pay for college differently. Additionally, every prospective cadet has a different situation with number of college credit hours already accomplished and civilian scholarships in hand that add to the complexity. The comparison of financial benefits is impossible to spell out in accurate detail for each person. We have broken it down into very simple benefit-cost analysis on the Financial Package Comparisons tab. The actual financial assistance will vary from one cadet/student to the next and these are not to be taken as recruiting promises.